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Balgowlah Heights Public School has four bands:

Junior/training Band - for our novice players
Senior Band - is our developing Band
Concert Band - made up of the children who have become the

most accomplished.
Stage Band - by invitation only.

The Band Program is run by a committee of volunteers and

professional conductors supported by the school. It is an

extra-curricular activity funded by the band parents/families.

Each band has its own conductor and rehearses twice a week. Students are also required to attend a private music lesson on their instrument, and to practice regularly at home. 

Children involved in the program benefit greatly by developing musically, learning good listening skills, experiencing teamwork, self-discipline and a growth in self-confidence.  Research shows that children who learn a musical instrument from an early age have improved academic results. 

Being a member of a band is also a rewarding and enjoyable experience for all involved.

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