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Tuesday 4 December    6.45pm

Dear Parents and Caregivers


Part of the enjoyment of playing in a band is having the opportunity to perform for families and friends at the Band Performance Night.  These evenings, along with external performances help develop the children musically and teaches them to work as a team.


Family and friends are invited to the Band Performance Evening which is being held on Tuesday 4 December at 6.45pm in the BHPS Hall.  The evening is expected to finish no later than 8pm.



Performers Arrive:   6.10pm


Concert Band - meet in Hall near chair room.

Senior Band - meet Mrs Clain in 4L

Junior Band - meet Mr Hampton in Arabanoo Room (Back of the hall)


FULL BAND UNIFORM must be worn - band shirt, plain black pants, black socks, plain black shoes.

A few parent volunteers will be required to assist on the evening for each band.  Your Band Parent Liaison will be in touch regarding the help required.


If your child is unable to attend please inform your Band Parent Liaison:

Concert Band:  Amanda Murray

Senior Band:  Caroline Fechner

Junior Band:  Jacqui Lawrey


Out of respect to the performers it would be appreciated if the audience remained for the duration of the evening so all bands have the benefit of having a full audience to perform for.


Playing in the playground, grassed areas or on the playground equipment is NOT PERMITTED before, during or after the performances.  Siblings are to be seated in the Hall under parent supervision from 6.30pm until the end of the evening. 

For further Information

Please refer to your band parent liaison or


We are looking forward to seeing some wonderful performances.

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