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“Breathe together, play together, Move Online Together.”

We wish for our children to have a continuation of learning. 

Music is a universal language requiring no words. 

Music allows our children to express themselves and develop themselves socially and aesthetically.

Our children choose band as the social aspect of learning and integration with others is important to them.

We are collective beings.



Dear BHPS Band Members


Welcome to  BAND ONLINE.

We are excited to invite you to become part of the band online learning community via a platform call Zoom.

How does it work?

Once your expression of interest with contact e-mail has been registered, you will receive an email notification of time and login process from your conductor. Emails will go out on a Friday for the following week. Check your spam.

When will rehearsals occur

The same time as school rehearsals. 

Training Band:  Wednesday Lunch, Thursday 3pm.

Senior Band:   Wednesday am, Friday am.

Concert Band:  Tuesday am, Thursday Lunch.


Alternating Sectionals.  Band members will be divided up into small groups for the online delivery.

Your link to rehearsal will invite you to alternate rehearsals.

Activities will include playing, tracking, some goal setting and challenges, sending voice (instrument) recordings and perhaps some performance challenges.

Choose a quiet environment (if possible).

Set up/Equipment

- Phone, ipad or laptop with internet connectivity.  Prop it up so see screen and the camera can capture you.

- Set yourself up 45 degrees to the camera so we can see you and your instrument.

- Choose a quiet environment (if possible)

Online Rehearsal Protocols

(These protocols will allow for smooth and easy flow of online learning)


- Wear appropriate clothing (not Pj’s, boys wear t-shirt or shirt)

- Go to bathroom before or after rehearsal (emergency exemptions!).

- Instrument ready and music on stand (pencil) before session starts.

- Light in front of the student rather than behind in order to see them clearly if possible

- Parent to briefly appear/wave in background the moment we connect.

Observe our 2 Golden rules:

No playing when teacher is talking

No talking when teacher is talking      

Sign up and Fee

$130 per attendee for Term 2 participation. Paid directly to Ray/Emma after invoice.  They will be in touch with details.

We look forward to seeing your children via Zoom.

Ray Hampton, Director of Bands

Emma Clain, Senior Band Conductor

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