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It’s a Wrap!

What a fantastic year for our band members and program overall.  It’s been incredibly busy and so rewarding – the progress of the bands has been steady with a great end result achieved.


We kept our eye on our catch cry phrase – Making Great Music … Together, which is underpinned by the school’s values of Respect, Responsibility and Personal Best. The philosophy, operations and delivery of the program reinforce these values. Added to that are the enduring skills and full-body workout for the brain gained from learning an instrument and being part of a large team.


This wouldn’t be possible without the people who deliver the program. Our conductors are very talented musically and as educators.  Director of Bands, Ray Hampton has been with the BHPS Program for more than 25 years – he knows the students can achieve great things and he inspires them to do so. Emma Clain has just finished her first year as Senior Band Conductor. A BHPS Alumni, Emma has taken the baton with pride and has shaped the band into a great team who a ready to take the next challenge.


Critical to the smooth running of the program are our dedicated team of parents.  Thank you to the many parents who volunteered to help at rehearsals, band camps and workshops.  There is a hard-working core team of volunteers overseeing all the operations.  Thank you to Caroline Fechner for ensuring the management of the program is smooth allowing the conductors to concentrate on the musical development of the students.  Importantly the role includes keeping stakeholders informed of progress and consulting, collaborating and negotiating where required.


Fleur Griffiths (Concert & Stage Band) and Amanda Murray (Senior Band) for keeping their band families informed and organised.  Thanks to Lisa Mennie for keeping her eye on the finances with the support of Nicole Larcombe and Steph Vogel who helps out on a regular basis with a variety of tasks.

Huge thanks to Megan Holland whose guiding hand and support are always appreciated.


2017 saw the program encourage more than 160 students to develop musically both individually and through working together as a team. The Bands participated in 18 performances for school events and externally. You can read about these in detail in previous P&C minutes throughout the year.


Term 4 tasks:


  • Recruitment for our 2018 Training Band including blow tests, liaison with parents

  • Communication to parents, students and tutors regarding the 2018 assessment program

  • OC Student liaison regarding band program assessments etc

  • Locked in tutors for 2018. Next steps to be discussed with school

  • Communicated to parents hiring instruments regarding servicing

  • Event management of Band Performance evening including format, speech writing, filming and editing.

  • Begun planning for Band Camp 2018

  • Reviewed Handbook documentation and communication elements including establishing a temporary portal to bridge the gap while the school transitions to a new website

  • Determining instrument purchases/replacements based on JB students joining next year.

  • Music library – cataloguing and purchasing of new music


Financial snapshot – Term 4

  • Expenses to date are in line with the budgeted expenses for the financial year.

  • Term 4 – expenses to come – conductors term 4 invoices and several tutor invoices for participation in blow tests

  • Financial statements attached.



Looking forward

2018 band team is looking good so far.  We will need the help of more parents to ensure everything runs smoothly particularly for rehearsals and tasks throughout the year.


2018 Band Team (so far)

Director of Bands – Ray Hampton

Concert Band Conductor – Ray Hampton

Senior Band Conductor – Emma Clain

Junior Band Conductor – Ray Hampton

Band Program Management – Caroline Fechner

Band Treasurer – Lisa Mennie

Concert Band Parent Liaison – Amanda Murray

Senior Band Parent Liaison – TBC

Junior Band Parent Liaison – Jacquie Lawrey plus ANO

Rehearsal supervision – all parents will be asked to do one rehearsal in the year.



In summary a brilliant year. Thank you to the parent community for their support of this fabulous program.

We are looking forward 2018.



Strings Program

In 2017 we had 4 string groups – Ensemble – other students, Junior strings and beginner strings.

The ensemble performed at the Opera House as a part of a combined string ensemble with several other schools around NSW.


Junior Strings and Beginner Strings continued their group lessons with Fiona McVicar and performed at assemblies throughout the year.


In 2018, there will be a beginner strings and junior strings. An Ensemble may be formed but will be determined by the number of students interested and capable of joining.


The management of the string program is currently undertaken by the Band Manager.

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