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Band Assessment Schedule - Monday 30 January 2023

ACTION - RSVP REQUIRED - Please see below


Dear Parents/Carers
As you are aware, assessments for our band students will be held on Monday 30 January (school development day). 

Around 80 children are being assessed on this day - it's busy day so we ask for your cooperation with observing the timing in the schedule so wait times are kept to a minimum. The schedule ensures that each child is given adequate time for their assessment.  We appreciate your cooperation and patience.

By now your child should be familiar with assessment criteria and be practicing for 10-15 minutes every few days to ensure he/she is comfortable with the requirements to be a member of the Senior or Concert Band.  
Assessment Criteria
If you have misplaced the criteria or need a reminder, you can find the assessment criteria here -  Other factors such as tutor reports, attendance at rehearsals/camps/performances, commitment to team and behaviour expectations as set out in the BHPS PBEL will also be taken into account.
Assessment Process - what happens on the day?  DON'T PANIC - it's very informal and relaxed.
Senior Band Conductor, Mrs Emma Clain and Band Music Director, Mr Ray Hampton will carry out the assessments with each student. The assessments are very informal and relaxed and take around 5 minutes to complete in most cases. There will be parent helpers assisting with greeting the children, assisting them with their warm up, settling any nerves and supervising them until they are collected by parents. 
Where:  The assessments will be held in the BHPS Hall.
Assessment Times
Students/sections have been allocated a time frame, please find the schedule below. It is important that the students attend at their allocated timeslot to help the process run smoothly for all involved. We would prefer that students attend at their allocated time, however there is some flexibility if we know prior to assessment day (use the RSVP form to let us know).  Siblings may attend together if it is more convenient for the parents.
Students will be placed in the next spot in the queue as they arrive.  We will send you a text if the assessments are running more than 30 minutes late or if we can get you to come in earlier.
If you have any questions about the assessment process please e-mail

Joining Band 2023 - Not sure?

At this time of year, some children are unsure if they want to re-join band as they are enjoying having a break from routine during the holidays. If your child isn't sure if they want to join band this year, please encourage your child to come along to assessments where they will see other students re-joining band and they can chat to the band conductors about their concerns.  


Please note: if your child has successfully auditioned for Arts Alive Concert Band, Arts Unit Ensembles or NSSWE ensembles, it is a requirement of those ensembles that the students are also members of their school band.

RSVP REQUIRED PLEASE - access the online RSVP form here
Your RSVP will help us to manage the flow of students on assessment day therefore we need to know numbers. Thank you.
Please RSVP so we know you have read and understood this email and we can confirm numbers of students attending the assessments.  Use this form to let us know the following:
- Your child is attending the assessment
- You need to arrange another time on the assessment day
- Your child is leaving the school/band
- Anything else you would like to raise or we need to know/consider


We can be flexible with the audition time however we are also required to manage numbers in the Hall so would appreciate your cooperation with following the schedule.  If you need another time please indicate it on the RSVP form (link below).  Thank you.

Assessment Schedule.  Please read the schedule carefully noting your allocated time. 
* Year is the school year the child is going into in 2023.
8.30am - Year 4 - clarinets

9.00am - Year 5 & 6 clarinets
9.45am - Year 4, 5 & 6 - Flutes and Oboes
10.30am - Year 4 - Saxes

10.45am - Year 5 & 6 Saxes (Altos and Tenors)
11.30am - Year 4, 5 & 6 - Trumpets and French Horn

12.15am - Lunch Break for Conductors

1.00pm - Year 4, 5 & 6 - Trombones, Euphoniums, Baritone
1.45pm - Year 4, 5 & 6 Percussion, keyboard and bass

2.45pm - OC/New Students to school

REMINDER - Please confirm you are coming to the assessment - RSVP via the online form.
What to bring
- Mask

- Instrument
- Essential Elements (if you have it) for students trying out for Senior Band. Junior Band 2022 students will have Essential Elements book. 
- A piece of music your child is comfortable playing - it could be a piece your child has been working on with their tutor.
- A quiet activity such as a book to read or colouring in etc
- Drink bottle
- 2022 Band members - please bring your music folder to return if you haven't done so already.
Contact on the day: Caroline Fechner 0403 579 130. Please message/text.

Notification of Band Placement

We will endeavour to notify everyone of their band placement by Wednesday 2 February.  Your patience is appreciated.

Every student will be placed in a band.  You will be notified (via e-mail) letting you know which band your child will be a member of this year. Please be patient with this process as we like to make sure we get it right and ensure that the majority of students have been assessed prior to notification.

Rehearsals Start Dates

Concert Band - Tuesday 7 February 7.45am and Thursday lunchtime

Senior Band - Wednesday 8 February 7.45am and 7.45am Friday 11 February

Junior Band - Wednesday 8 February - lunchtime and Thursday 9 February 3.05pm - 3.50pm


Please contact us on to get in touch.  Please allow a few days for a response.

In the meantime please encourage your child to play their instrument for 10 minutes a few times between now and the assessments to ensure they maintain their technique and feel prepared for the assessments.
We are looking forward to working with the band students this year.
Enjoy the last few days of your holiday break.
Ray Hampton, Director of Bands
Emma Clain, Senior Band Conductor

Caroline Fechner, Band Program Manager
and BHPS Band Executive


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