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Band Assessments 2021

At the end of each year the bands are disbanded and they are re-formed the following year. Each student has an assessment with the Band Conductors to determine the level at which each student is playing and the band they will be best suited for. Assessments are very informal and care is taken to make the children feel at ease.
Of course, being a year of  intermittent rehearsals and perhaps a break in private lessons for some students too, this will be taken into consideration during the assessments.
Assessment Process Overview
The assessment process is a merit-based program. Much like trying out for a sporting team, when a child reaches a certain level, there are standards the students need to achieve so that they can comfortably play at the level of senior or concert band.
Based on the criteria, attendance at rehearsals and performances and commitment, students will be assessed as either 'ready' or 'not ready' for the band they wish to try out for. There is no guarantee that a student will move into senior or concert band or be placed in concert band for a second year.
Preparation for the Assessment
To assist your child with their preparation, please access the relevant assessment criteria document via the links below. Your child's tutor will be given the criteria and will be asked to take your child through it.  In the meantime, we encourage you print the criteria and discuss it with your child's tutor to see where you can assist at home.
Students will be asked to play a scale from memory, a piece of music they know and music they have never seen before (sight reading). Commitment and attendance this year will also be considered.  Provided the students continue to practice for the rest of the year (including through the Summer holidays) and the tutor covers the necessary work, their progress through the band program should be smooth.

If you have any concerns about your child's current level of playing, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Hampton to discuss.

Assessment Criteria
Access the Assessment Criteria via this link - Assessment Criteria

- Students Trying Out for Concert Band - please access the Concert Band Criteria
- Students Trying out for Senior Band - please access the Senior Band Criteria
- Concert Band Percussion requirements
- Senior Band Percussion requirements

Please take this criteria to your tutors who can help prepare the children for assessment day.

Assessment Date - Thursday 28 January (Staff Development Day)
Assessments will be held in the School Hall on the first Staff Development Day of Term 1- Thursday 28 January 2021.
We like to have the majority of students available for this day to avoid having to fit assessments in around school activities. If necessary, other assessment times will be held during the first week of term however this will only be in special circumstances. 
What to bring:
-   Instrument
-   Chosen piece of music

Access the Assessments Schedule here.
Uncertain about continuing with Band?
If your child is uncertain about continuing with band next year, it is early days, so please don't make a hasty decision to leave band. Term 4 can be difficult for students as they can be tired and may find it hard to keep motivated. Sometimes the Christmas break can renew their interest in band and they are keen to return.
Commitment to Band
Being a member of band requires the same commitment as being in a sporting team. Each team member has to commit to being fully engaged in all the band activities from practice/rehearsal sessions, camps and workshops right through to the performances. Sometimes these events occur on the weekend and are unable to be scheduled during school hours. Team members cannot be part time, as it does disrupt the team and isn't fair on the other players. While there will sometimes be unavoidable absences (eg illness or holidays), generally team members are asked to prioritise band commitments.

Not returning to BHPS Band in 2021?
We know some children will be moving to other schools next year. If you know your child will not be returning to BHPS in 2020

please let us know to help us plan for next year.   Access the online form here.

In the meantime if you have any questions, please contact

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