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Instrument Tutors at BHPS 


Engaging a tutor for your child is not the band program's responsibility. However for the convenience of BHPS parents there are several tutors who work on the school premises outside school hours.  These tutors are not only specialised in their particular instrument but their ability to teach and communicate knowledge and technique has been substantiated. They are also familiar with, and prepared to teach, what is required for the BHPS band program. 

It is advisable that the person engaging the tutor (ie parent/carer) checks that the tutor has a valid Working With Children Check. These can be checked online - .  

Refer to the list attached below.

Engaging an experienced tutor will give your child a great start

Ensure your tutor is experienced as it is vitally important that the children learn good habits from their first lesson. While the teenager next door or older sibling/relative might be convenient and less expensive, they could be teaching your child habits that hamper their learning and are hard to undo once they become a habit.

Cost and frequency for lessons

You should expect to pay around $45 - $50 for a a 30 minute lesson. This is consistent with market rates for experience tutors.  The lessons should be held weekly to ensure the learnings are consolidated.

The importance of good music tuition

It is most important that correct habits are formed from the moment your child starts to play their instrument. Embouchure (mouth formation), tongue placement, breathing and blowing techniques vary for each instrument. If they are not taught correctly from the start, it may be difficult for your child to master the instrument. 

Merit-based Band Program
The BHPS Band Program is based on merit. This means that if your child is not receiving quality tuition, problems may develop which will become apparent during the assessment process and progression through the various band levels may be slowed.

Tutors who are not on this list

If you are considering engaging a tutor who is not on this list, we recommend you ask them about their qualification to teach your child’s instrument.  In seeking this musical advice, please feel free to consult Mr Ray Hampton, Director of Bands and Concert and Junior Band Conductor on

If you are unable to find a suitable time with one of the tutors at school, please contact –



Thursday (see note above)

Michael Garlick


Kym Beaton  0404 378 955

Teaches at Brookvale


Thursday and Friday

Rob Sidaway



Angus Gomm

French Horn/Baritone/Euphonium (off site - teaches from home in Allambie Heights after school)

Lyndal Perry

Alto Saxophone/Tenor Saxophone


Kieran Tart

Clarinet/Saxophone (Group and Private lessons)


Ray Hampton



Adrian Tuero


Wednesday & Friday

Patricia Borrell

Bass Guitar/Double Bass -  teaches at home in Manly

Jason Smith

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