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Be Part of the Team Working To Give Your Child a Positive Experience

Join The BHPS Band Team

Our band program is one of the most successful primary school band programs in NSW. This is due to the high quality teaching from conductors and tutors plus a dedicated team of volunteers who ensure the program runs smoothly and delivers the a wonderful experience to all who take part in the program.

We need you to be part of the team?  There are a few roles we would like to fill, some can be done from home, others will require a visit to the school occasionally, We appreciate all help and there is always a job to do.  The jobs include (but not limited to):

Band Parent Liaison -Senior Band - two people can share this role. This role is administrative and logistics support regarding their band's activities eg performances, rehearsals. It's not a difficult role but will require time on site (at the school).

Website Coordinator: work with Band Manager to ensure website is kept updated and is a useful, relevant communications tool.

Festivals/external performances Coordinator: liaise with festivals and book for the calendar year for all three school bands.  Two festivals per year for each band (usually the same festivals) - an hour or so in term 1, 2 and 3.


Instruments Coordinator:  manage the hire and maintenance of BHPS owned instruments to students.  This role is most busy in late Term 4 and early Term 1 each year.

All band parents are invited to assist at workshops and band camp.  Requests for these will be made closer to the events.

If you would like more information on these roles please contact Caroline Fechner on

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