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Welcome to BHPS Band 


You are invited:
Information session - Tuesday 12 November  6.30pm

We are delighted to introduce you to our successful band program which regularly wins awards at festivals and receives invitations to participate in special events.
The Band Program is an extra-curricular activity, employing professional conductors and operates with the assistance of parents and support of the school.
Being part of large team like a band is an enjoyable, social experience, benefiting children in many ways. There is also compelling evidence for how playing an instrument benefits brain development.  You may wish to view this short video which explains the long-term positive effects on the brain. 

Over the next few weeks your child will be learning about our wonderful band program to assist them (and you) with making a decision about joining band in 2020.  Below is an outline of what to expect over the next few weeks. Be warned ... your child may come home very excited as they learn more about the band and instruments!  It usually evokes animated dinner time discussions.

Joining The Band

Step 1 - Ear Tests.  Late last term all Year 2 children participated in an Ear Test which assessed each

child's natural ability in pitch, rhythm, harmony and melody.  This information is one part of the instrument

selection process. It assists the tutors with determining to determine which instrument your child will have

the most success with from the very beginning.
Step 2Invitation to Open Rehearsals. Open rehearsals are a great way for you to see how band

rehearsals operate and gives you and idea of what the children will learn during their rehearsal sessions

with our wonderful Junior Band Conductor, Ray Hampton. You are welcome to come along to observe a

rehearsal (whole or part) in the Hall on the following dates:

Wednesday 6 November - 1.00pm - 1.50pm (Lunchtime)
Thursday 7 November – 3.05pm – 3.50pm (after school)

Step 3 – Getting to Know Band: Student Information Sessions
Our current Junior/Training Band members will briefly visit the Year 2 students in their classrooms to talk about their band experience as well as demonstrate and answer questions about particular instruments.

All Year 2 students will attend a Concert Band lunchtime rehearsal to learn about how a band operates and hear the range of instruments being played by our most senior band members. 


You are invited.....

Band Program Information Evening.  Tuesday 12 November 6.30pm

Parent/carers and students have an opportunity to learn about band program, instruments offered and ask questions at the Band Program Information Evening on Tuesday 12 November from 6.30pm. 

This is a very important session where you will hear about how the BHPS Band Program operates, learn about the different instruments and most importantly be able to ask questions.  The Concert Band (Year 5 and 6) children will perform and demonstrate their instruments which will help you and your child to decide which instrument they would be interested in learning.  We recommend that you bring your child with you also.

RSVP - Band Information Evening please let us know if you will be joining us.  via the online form. 

Instrument Nominations
After the Band Information Evening, we will provide information about the instrument try out/blow test process and a link to a form where you can nominate the three instruments your child would like to try at the Blow Test morning scheduled for Tuesday 26 November from 7.30am in the Hall.  You will hear more about the blow tests at the Band Program Information Evening.

If you already have an idea of what instrument your child would like to try you may like to fill out the online form now.

In the meantime if you have any questions, please contact Caroline Fechner, Band Manager on


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