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Thank you for bringing your child to the Training/Junior Band blow test.  We were delighted with the talent we saw and are excited about the potential of the Junior/Training Band.

After considering your preferences, the results of the ear test and the blow test, discussions with your child and the overall balance of the band, your child has been selected to play the (insert instrument) in the Junior/Training Band.  For some of you this may have been one of your preferences and for others this was based on the results of testing your child on this instrument.

The process of selecting each child for their instrument is very thorough. It includes results from ear tests, blow tests, special needs requirements, physical factors such as child’s stature, mouth muscle structure, size of hands and back pressure in the inner ear.  The most important factor is the child’s preferences, discussions with your child about those and what they find easiest to play at the Blow Test - it is an infallible barometer of future happiness on the instrument.

If you have any questions or concerns with the instrument choice we would be happy to talk these through with you.  Please make contact via email on and we will then be in touch to set up a time to discuss.



Your acceptance/non-acceptance of instrument can be registered via the online form accessed via this link


A little information to get you started ……



Instruments such as Euphonium, Baritone, Tuba, French Horn, and percussion kits can be hired from the Band Program. Smaller instruments such as clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, flutes and trombones are usually purchased for the child.  Please DO NOT buy from Aldi, Bunnings or any other retailer who does not specialise in musical instruments. Also, be cautious about purchased from social media sites – take any instrument to a qualified professional for a check before purchasing.   If you would like advice on where to hire at reasonable rates please get in touch via this e-mail. 


For purchasing (new or 2nd hand) we recommend contacting In Tune Music who have good prices for student model instruments. There is also a 2nd hand instruments for sale section on our website.  Yamaha is a reliable, hard wearing brand for all instruments and parts are readily available.  You may find good second hand instruments on websites/social media etc however before purchasing please ensure professional advice eg Glenn at In Tune or Ray Hampton.


Also, please ensure your child has their OWN instrument and that they aren’t sharing with a sibling who is playing the same instrument. If children have their own instrument they are responsible for, they will have a high level of commitment and develop better practice habits leading to a better musician.  You will be doing them a favour.


Another Tip:  Your child will need a music stand also.  These are foldable, cost about $20 and come in a range of colours.  These can be purchased from In Tune Music or Mall Music. 



It is essential and a requirement for Band Membership that each child has weekly private tuition outside school hours so that all technical and musical skills are developing and each child can keep up with the progress of the Band.   There are tutors who teach at the school (after school) and have completed their Working With Children Check.  You may wish to check the tutor’s Working With Children Check which can easily be done online.  These tutors give band members first priority when arranging their schedules.  The list is available on the website.


Tip #3:  Ensure your tutor is experienced as it is important good habits are learnt from their very first lesson. While the teenager next door, older sibling or parent might be convenient and less expensive, this could ultimately disadvantage your child and they could pick up incorrect habits that will be hard to undo and may hamper their progress.



Please refer to the Junior/Training Band Handbook which should answer most of your questions. However if you don’t find the answers in there then please e-mail Caroline Fechner, Band Manager on


We are looking forward to welcoming your family to the BHPS Band Program.




Ray Hampton                          Caroline Fechner                                                                                   

Director of Bands                    Band Program Manager

BHPS Band Program                                                                                   

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