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Structure & Management

Band Executive and Operations Team

Thank you to the following people who will be ensuring the bands run smoothly and parents are kept informed.  The Band Program is a sub committee of the P&C.


Band Executive - responsible for setting direction, oversight of operations and administration and children and volunteer welfare


Caroline Fechner - Band Manager - responsible for the management and administration

Sharon Moore, Band Treasurer - with oversight/support from Nicole Larcombe, P&C Executive/Treasurer

Ray Hampton - Director of Bands - musical director including oversight of other conductors

David Shuster - Principal

Kelly Lockhart - Deputy Principal

P&C President or Designate - currently P&C Treasurer

Committee members:  Band Parent Liaisons represent the band community are consulted on band activities/operations on a regular basis.


Band Operations Team 

Junior Band Conductor: Ray Hampton                       Junior Band Parent Liaison - Joanne Stow

Senior Band Conductor:  Emma Clain                       Senior Band Parent Liaison - Gabrielle Kilpatrick

Concert Band Conductor:  Ray Hampton                   Concert Band Parent Liaison - Louise Campbell and Jo Reardon

Stage Band Conductor: Ray Hampton                       Stage Band Liaison - Caroline Fechner

Band Program Manager:  Caroline Fechner  

Music Library:   All Parent Liaison

Jnr Band Recruitment/new band members:   Caroline Fechner

Would you like to join our team?

If you are interested in joining the band operations team please contact  there are lots of jobs - big and small - that you can assist with.

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