Join an Awesome Team - BHPS Band Program 

Welcome to the BHPS Band Program.  Thank you for joining us.
The Band Program is an extra-curricular activity, employing professional conductors and a band manager who work with parent volunteers to ensure the smooth running of the program.  The school supports the program with providing facilities and support on the committee.
Being part of large team like a band is an enjoyable, social experience, benefiting children in many ways. There is also compelling evidence for how playing an instrument benefits brain development.  You may wish to view this short video which explains the long-term positive effects on the brain. 

Next Steps - find out more


Access our Junior Band Handbook here which provides more details about the program, instruments, some of the wonderful activities your child can be involved in and general information about joining the band program. At the bottom of this page you will find a video of our Concert Band students demonstrating the instruments.  The other video is a performance from our 2020 Concert Band.

Other instrument demonstrations you may find helpful can be accessed here - NSW Police Band 

Register to have an Instrument Assessment and let us know your instrument preferences

Once you have read the information please register to attend an Instrument Assessment and provide instrument preferences via the online form Junior/Training Band Registration Form.  If you have questions or need clarification on any points, please contact the Band Manager, Caroline Fechner via

What happens after we sign up?

Your child will be assessed to find the best instrument for them.  This is a very simple process but can have a huge impact on the child's enjoyment of their instrument and being part of the the band.  The assessments will be arranged at a suitable time for the student. Parents do not need to attend.

Factors such as physical stature, muscle strength around the mouth area, results from aural  tests, any developmental issues (physically or otherwise) your child may have and your child's preferences are all considered when deciding on an instrument for your child. 

The instrument your child would like to play sometimes isn't the right choice for them as it may not give them the best chance of success longer term. We want to make sure the learning of the instrument and their participation in band is a positive experience from the outset.
The more information you can give us about your child on the sign up form will increase the likelihood that the right instrument choice will be made for them.  If you wish to discuss your child in more detail you can contact us via to arrange a time to meet with Ray Hampton.