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Fast Facts

FEES - around $900 dependent upon number of band members or around $23 per week

Band is a user-pay program - the school does not fund the program.  Band fees cover the Conductors’ fees for rehearsals (two per week for each band) and performances, costs of Band Camp, sheet music, competition/festival fees, administration/stationery costs.  The rate varies each year as the costs are split between the number of students in the program. The costs are typically around $900 (sometimes more sometimes less) and are payable by end of Term 1 or your child will be unable to continue with band in Term 2. No refunds are given after Term 1 if a student decides not to continue with band.


Small instruments are provided by the parent. Larger instruments (Euphoniums, Baritone, Tuba, Oboe, French Horn) can be hired from the band program for very reasonable rates. Percussion kits can be hired or purchased through the band program. Smaller instruments (clarinet, flute, trumpet, trombone, alto saxophone) can be purchased from a reputable retailer such as In Tune Music. 

PRIVATE TUTORING - expect to pay $47 - $50 per half hour for an experienced tutor

In band, students learn how to play as part of a large group and need to have a  private tutor to teach them how to play the instrument. Parents need to arrange the private tutor for their child.  This is a condition of being part of the band. Tutors set their own tutoring fees so please check with them.  Some tutors offer group lessons which will be at a lesser hourly rate. For your convenience several tutors teach at BHPS after school. The list can be found under the Join The Band section of this website.  

Please note:  Students must have private lessons with a professional tutor if they wish to be a band member.  The tutor does not have to teach at the school.

ATTENDANCE - compulsory two rehearsals a week

Students MUST attend two rehearsals a week and commit to being at all performances, workshops, camps etc. 


Students must wear band uniform to all performances.  It includes: red band polo shirt, black pants (no jeans or leggings), black socks and black school shoes. The polo shirt is available at the uniform shop.

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